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Anaerobic Conditions in Jars – When funds don’t allow for a Whitley Workstation

One of the products in the Don Whitley Scientific range that sometimes gets overlooked is the Whitley Jar Gassing System (WJGS). When your budget or number of samples are just not enough to justify the purchase of even a small workstation, such as the DG250, the WJGS could be the answer.

Who could benefit from a WJGS?

Perhaps you only have a small number of plates to incubate. Perhaps you use gas packs. Perhaps you have a large number of jars already and don’t want to invest in a different solution. The WJGS can also be interesting for those who want to incubate small numbers of plates in different gas mixtures, as the WJGS can be connected to any gas mixture you want to use.


What are the cost implications?

The system is deceptively simple but highly effective and has a number of key benefits that have proven very popular. One of the main positives is the low running costs of the WJGS as opposed to the high cost of gas generating kits. Whilst there is an obvious initial investment in the purchase of a WJGS, the operating costs will save money in the longer term.


What are the features and benefits?

In addition to the cost savings that can be achieved, the WJGS provides many other benefits, including:

  • Create the perfect anaerobic conditions in your jars in just 2 minutes and for microaerophiles, in 15 seconds. The WJGS reduces the cost of creating microaerobic conditions by 98% and for anaerobic conditions by 89%.
  • Most types of jar can be adapted for use with the WJGS so if you already have a supply of jars, check with us to find out if they are suitable or can be adapted.
  • If you are a busy clinical lab with an anaerobic workstation but also have a few microaerophiles that you need to cultivate, you could attach a WJGS to the workstation and run a microaerobic cycle for those samples. It gives you additional flexibility as well a little extra anaerobic capacity at times of high demand.
  • Having samples in jars means that you can incubate at alternative temperatures than are possible inside a workstation.
  • You can be confident that a vacuum has been drawn and that the jar is sealed and airtight. With a gas pack you have no way of knowing whether the container is leaking.
  • There is an optional printer to provide full traceability.
  • If you need to open the jar to add more samples once you have activated a gas pack, it’s a waste as you will have to activate another gas pack. However, with jars you can open them as many times as you want and re-gas them for pennies.
  • The other benefit of the ability to re-gas so cheaply is that samples don’t have to be left on the bench for hours whilst enough are assembled to justify the use of a gas
  • A further consideration is that the used gas pack needs to be dealt with as hazardous waste. It needs autoclaving and disposing of accordingly. There is no such consideration with the WJGS.

Royal Stoke Hospital recently joined the long list of Whitley Jar Gassing System customers. The new system will replace the old style gassing system the hospital has been using and will improve their working methods and reduce costs.



The video below shows how easy the system is to use


So, if your budget won’t stretch to a Whitley Workstation or you want the flexibility to incubate in jars at different temperatures, the Whitley Jar Gassing System could be the perfect solution.


For further information, please call our sales team on +44 (0)1274 595728 or email


New Video: Whitley Jar Gassing System Animation

Don Whitley Scientific have released a new video, an animation highlighting the effectiveness of using a Whitley Jar Gassing System to create anaerobic and microaerobic conditions.

The animation shows key features that make the Whitley Jar Gassing System a fast, low cost solution for creating specific atmospheric conditions whilst being a convenient and easy piece of equipment to use. Using the clear touchscreen display, the user can create anaerobic conditions within 2 minutes and microaerobic conditions in a rapid 15 second cycle. These cycles are displayed as graphs on the touchscreen and then available to print out for traceability and accreditation purposes.

The WJGS is part of a wide range of Don Whitley Scientific products that provide efficient and reliable conditions for a range of microbiology applications. When released the Whitley Jar Gassing System was an innovative new way to create anaerobic/microaerobic conditions and it has evolved with technology, continuing to provide a low cost solution to create the relevant atmosphere for working with anaerobes and microaerophiles.


Don Whitley Scientific visit Arab Health 2016

Don Whitley Scientific recently exhibited at a major conference in Dubai. Arab Health is one of the biggest exhibitions for the healthcare industry in the middle east. Located in the MedLab section of the exhibition, Don Whitley Scientific were displaying the Whitley Jar Gassing System and A35 Anaerobic Workstation. Both of these products are examples of the innovation Don Whitley Scientific has provided to the field of microbiology. Don Whitley Scientific representatives Steve Robertson and Joe Walton were on hand to explain and demonstrate these products to the exhibition delegates.

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance officially inaugurated the 41st Arab Health Exihibition. The event runs for four days and attracts some of the biggest names from the healthcare industry as they bid to attract potential customers and distributors. A full programme of conferences featuring fantastic speakers was also arranged for the four day event. It also continues to be a popular spot for UK companies, with over 200 UK companies exhibiting within the UK pavilion.

The A35 Whitley Workstation, on the Don Whitley Scientific stand at Medlab, is the industry leading workstation, designed to create an anaerobic environment in which to culture, incubate and monitor samples. The workstation features the unique Instant Access Porthole system, which makes regular entering and exiting of the workstation far more convenient than traditional sleeved access.


joe at arabhealth2016 2


Don Whitley Scientific at WMA Winter Meeting

Representatives from Don Whitley Scientific recently exhibited at the WMA (Welsh Microbiological Association) Winter Meeting. The WMA was formed in 1977 and aims to advance the study of microbiology in Wales by facilitating education and communication.

This year’s programme had speakers from various areas of microbiology however the WMA pointed out that there were “fantastic presentations from experts in the field of Cystic Fibrosis from within Wales and further afield”. There were prizes given for the posters on display, the case presentations and also for the young investigator session. The breaks for drinks and meals gave delegates a fantastic chance to network with each other and also the exhibitors, such as Don Whitley Scientific.

On the Don Whitley stand at this years WMA Winter Meeting was the ProtoCOL 3 with software that is able to quickly and efficiently assess the size of zones around antibiotic discs to predict antibiotic resistance levels working alongside a EUCAST database to provide accurate results. The Whitley Jar Gassing System was also on the stand.

Pictured below is Stuart Moore and Joe Walton from Don Whitley Scientific.




Anaerobes. Where to Start?

Introduction to Clinical Anaerobic Bacteriology

Introduction to Clinical Anaerobic Bacteriology

To a newcomer, the field of anaerobic research can seem intimidatingly vast. With so many varieties of anaerobes, and differing means of culturing them, you may find yourself wondering whether the method you are using is really the most efficient and cost-effective.

The first thing you need to consider is the type of anaerobe you are cultivating, whilst aerotolerant organisms and facultative anaerobes will not be harmed by a small amount of oxygen, obligate anaerobes require a completely oxygen-free environment.

We have recently produced a useful reference guide: An Introduction to Clinical Anaerobic Bacteriology which enables the reader to isolate and identify 12 commonly occurring and clinically important anaerobic bacteria.

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Labconsult stand at Laborama 2014

Whitley A35 Workstation at Laborama

Labconsult, the Belgian distributor of Don Whitley Scientific products, will be exhibiting at Laborama Expo, Brussels Kart Expo, today and tomorrow (20 – 21 March 2014).

Come along to the stand and see the Whitley A35 Anaerobic Workstation, with instant access ports, and the Whitley Jar Gassing System. If you are working with anaerobes, this equipment could revolutionise the work in your laboratory!