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Why Choose a Whitley Workstation?

There are many reasons to choose a Whitley Workstation when it comes to Anaerobic, Hypoxic or Microaerophilic work. We can discuss these with you anytime, but we also have plenty of satisfied customers who have expressed why using a Whitley Workstation improves their working methods and results.

Over the years, customers have supplied us with many testimonials about their Don Whitley Scientific products. From these we can see that not only have Whitley Workstations become approved by fantastic researchers worldwide, but we can also help promote the amazing work that is done by our customers.

Dr Vaibhao Janbandhu at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute (VCCR) in Sydney, Australia uses a Whitley H35 Hypoxystation in his work on finding new ways to stimulate heart regeneration during ageing and after heart attack. He uses his H35 Hypoxystation to isolate, culture and characterise adult cardiac stem cells. In Dr Janbandhu’s words the H35 is “an integral part of the project to advance the project aims”.

In this video testimonial, Jane Freeman at Leeds General Infirmary explains how her Whitley A95 Workstation improves the working methods in her Clostridium difficile research. Jane reports that she and her team are able to use the workstation for “several hours at a time in relative comfort” and that the workstation is able to house all the technical equipment her team requires. This allows “the whole experiment to be performed in optimum conditions without introducing air at all”. Jane explains that “reliability, versatility and space are the significant benefits of the workstations in our work on Clostridium difficile“.

The Institute of Cancer Research in London is one of the world’s most influential research institutes, with an outstanding record of achievement dating back more than 100 years. At the Institute, George Poulogiannis uses a combination of Whitley i2 Instrument Workstation (with Seahorse XF Analyzer) and Whitley H35 Hypoxystation in his research into breast cancer. Hypoxia is a key factor in the “Hallmarks of Cancer” and this team are studying the role of hypoxia in cell invasion and metastasis, oncogene-induced senescence and resistance to current treatment options. The i2 and H35 replicate a physiologically relevant atmosphere for these studies, enabling consistent and reliable results. This combination of Workstations is also used by Dr Ayse Latif, who is researching gynaecological cancers at The University of Manchester.

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Whitley M35 Workstation – A microaerobic environment for your microaerophiles

The Whitley M35 is a microaerobic workstation ideal for the isolation and study of Campylobacter spp, Helicobacter pylori and other similarly fastidious organisms. The M35 provides a spacious working environment accommodating up to 600 x 90mm Petri dishes with a rapid 60 second airlock cycle. This is a 4-gas system with built-in gas sensing technology that allows you to programme precise gas concentrations, meaning costs can be cheaper than when using a pre mixed cylinder. Temperature and humidity can be easily controlled using the touch screen interface and a unique hydrogen sensor which offers real time feedback. This all ensures the workstation conditions are perfect for manipulating samples in a sustainable microaerobic environment.


Features and Benefits include:

  • A rapid, 12 litre airlock that can transfer 40 plates in only 60 seconds.
  • For total flexibility, up to four gases – nitrogen, carbon dioxide, air and a 10% hydrogen/90% nitrogen mix – can be combined within safe and varying ratios to provide a specific atmosphere for your experiments.
  • This unit can accommodate up to 600 x 90mm Petri dishes.
  • Intuitive colour touch screen interface with PIN-code protected user access levels.
  • Data download facility that allows you to record workstation parameters and download stored data in seconds for traceability and reference.

And a comprehensive range of other options and accessories to tailor the workstation to your specific requirements.



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New Product Brochure


Hot off the press! You can now download a product brochure for Whitley Anaerobic and Microaerophilic workstations; covering everything you need to know about this innovative product range and the unique features, options, support and service that you won’t get from any other supplier.

We’ve sold thousands of workstations, in over 50 countries, and have an established network of distributors around the globe. We have been granted numerous patents as we’ve striven to create the best products for our customers, and offer a truly comprehensive range of products in this field.

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