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HypOxygen at the AACR Annual Meeting

Our American distributor, HypOxygen, are exhibiting at the American Association of Cancer Research annual meeting. Exhibiting the Whitley H35 Hypoxystation and the Whitley i2 Instrument Workstation, HypOxygen will be promoting the importance of using this equipment when working at different stages of cell culture within the context of cancer research. The words below, from HypOxygen, describe this in more detail.

The hallmarks of cancer, from reprogramming energy metabolism through sustained angiogenesis to evasion of the immune response, are linked to the low oxygen tension typical of the tumour microenvironment. Hypoxia is a crucial determinant of cellular signalling, inflammation, cancer progression, and therapy resistance, through pathways mediated by HIF’s and other oxygen-sensing factors. That’s why cancer research consistently benefits from the use of a closed workstation for cell culture that supports in vivo physiology and behaviour. Based on these insights, the Hypoxystation creates conditions that mimic the cellular microenvironment with regard to oxygen tension, temperature, and humidity, while class 3 clean air through HEPA filtration and sterile humidity guarantee worry-free long-term cell culture.

The capacity to stably incubate cell cultures at hypoxic conditions down to 0.1% oxygen depends on precise monitoring of conditions, accurate regulation of gasses, and on the ability to retain the atmosphere for a long time once it is achieved. Based on studies performed at Don Whitley Scientific recently, the “at rest” gas consumption in our H35 Hypoxystation is much lower than in other workstations: Nitrogen 3.5 l/24 hrs, CO2 1 l/24 hours. In contrast, published nitrogen usage in competitors’ hypoxia workstations is 28 and 47 times higher, and CO2 consumption is 5-7 times higher.

You can find the details of that study on the HypOxygen website here.


HypOxygen at the AACR


HypOxygen will be showing the H35 and i2 Instrument Hypoxystations for physiological cell culture at the AACR Annual Meeting in New Orleans from 17/04/16 – 20/04/15 at booth 448.

Visit HypOxygen at the AACR Meeting in San Diego

One of our US distributors, HypOxygen, are soon to be exhibiting at the American Association for Cancer Research event “Function of Tumor Microenvironment in Cancer Progression” in San Diego, California between the 7th and 10th of January. At the meeting HypOxygen will be on hand to discuss how working within the hypoxic microenvironment provided by a Whitley Hypoxystation is greatly beneficial to this area of work. The statement from HypOxygen below expresses this.

The hypoxic microenvironment is a characteristic feature of many solid tumors, and the very low level of oxygenation there dramatically influences the Hallmarks of Cancer from reprogramming energy metabolism through sustained angiogenesis to evasion of the immune response. And as our Hypoxystation users are showing, research into signaling pathways, cancer progression, and therapy resistance consistently benefits from the use of a closed hypoxia workstation for physiological cell culture. The Hypoxystation creates conditions that mimic the cellular microenvironment with regard to oxygen tension, temperature, and humidity.

To see what our users are doing in “Hypoxia Applications in Cancer Research” click here. Also, Violaine See of the University of Liverpool describes her work using the Hypoxystation in “Cellular memory of hypoxia elicits neuroblastoma metastasis and enables invasion by non-aggressive neighbouring cells”, published in Oncogenesis 4 (2015), which you can find on the DWS website here. Ayse Latif, University of Manchester, has carried out metabolism studies of gynecological cancer cells with the Seahorse XFe Analyzer; have a look here.

HypOxygen hope to see you at the AACR “Function of Tumor Microenvironment in Cancer Progression” meeting in San Diego between 7-10 January. HypOxygen will be showing the Hypoxystation for low oxygen cell culture and would love to tell you more about its benefits.

If you cant make it to the conference, visit HypOxygen online at (for US customers) or for UK customers.

Hypoxygen at AACR Hard Rock San Diego

HypOxygen at AACR Meeting

Our American distributors, HypOxygen, are exhibiting Whitley Workstations at this year’s AACR meeting in Philadelphia. Go over to their stand to see the i2 Instrument Workstation (specifically designed to house a Seahorse XF Analyzer in physiologically relevant conditions), H35 Hypoxystation and also to learn about our range of HEPA workstations.

EK, BKF at AACR2Pictured here is Evan Kitsell, Design Director at Don Whitley Scientific Ltd, and Dr Burga Kalz Fuller, Product Manager at HypOxygen. They will be available to demonstrate the workstations and answer any questions you may have.

As the AACR‘s website describes: this year’s meeting will “highlight the latest, most exciting discoveries in every area of cancer research and will provide a unique opportunity for investigators from all over the world to meet, interact, and share their insights. This year’s meeting theme – Bringing Cancer Discoveries to Patients – underscores the vital and inextricable link between discovery and treatment, and it reinforces the fact that research underpins all the progress we are making in the field toward cancer cures.”