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Clostridium difficile studies can be done in a Whitley Workstation

An exciting opportunity to join our sales team

Anyone interested in an exciting opportunity to move into sales?

Don Whitley Scientific now has a vacancy for a Technical Sales Representative.

The Role

As a Technical Sales Representative you will promote an exciting range of laboratory equipment and service contracts. Brands include Whitley Anaerobic, Hypoxic and Microaerobic Workstations, Whitley Automated Spiral Plater plus products such as the automated specimen processor WASPLab, media/sample preparation equipment and other niche laboratory equipment.

This role will provide an opportunity for the successful candidate to further develop an established customer base and build a long-term, lucrative career in the UK as well as the possibility of overseas travel.

Candidates with no previous sales experience will be considered as training will be provided. A high level of support will also be available from senior colleagues.


Core responsibilities include:

  • Maximising sales potential and business growth by establishing relationships and collaborations with customers.
  • Working closely with marketing to ensure relevant promotions are delivered to customers and that feedback from customers is relayed back to inform future planning.

Essential Requirements:

  • Highly motivated and ambitious.
  • Hands-on approach and comfortable with daily travel.
  • Articulate, confident communicator able to engage with people at all levels, including technical managers and procurement/finance personnel.
  • Independent and decisive, using creative thought and sound logic to identify, prioritise and maximise opportunities.
  • Based in the north of England to serve a territory that extends into Scotland.

Our sales team comprises of successful people with and without a science background, so experience in a scientific discipline is not a prerequisite.



Package includes:

  • Basic salary dependent upon experience
  • Attractive bonus scheme
  • Company car

How to apply

Please email Steve Robertson, Sales Director on attaching a current CV.


Don Whitley Scientific to Move to Bingley

After 40 years of manufacturing in Shipley, Don Whitley Scientific Limited has announced that the company will move to new premises in Bingley.





Managing director, Paul Walton, explains:Paul Walton
“Our business has expanded considerably, particularly over the last 10 years, and despite having purchased numbers 16 and 18 Otley Road, we have still outgrown our current facilities. When Victoria Works came up for sale, providing 48,100 sq ft, we knew this would be the right move for us. The Bingley premises will provide us with the space to organise ourselves more efficiently and still have room to expand.”




The new premises, just off Bradford Road, is undergoing a major refit (by Eclipse Interiors) to make it suitable for the company’s needs. There will be considerably more warehousing capacity plus new offices, a bespoke production area, service centre, R&D mezzanine and improved staff facilities including a large, fully fitted, air-conditioned canteen. There will also be a new product showroom where customers can view demonstrations of the latest anaerobic and hypoxic workstation technology.



The office for sales, service and marketing

The office for sales, service and marketing

Warehouse area

Warehouse area











Product showroom

Product showroom













The move will take place from 13 to 17 June so the business will be operational from Bingley on Monday, 18 June.


Operational Flexibility of M Series Workstations

Whitley Microaerobic Workstations from Don Whitley Scientific are designed to allow users to control oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen within safe working limits.
By using sophisticated sensors, actual gas levels can be monitored on the touchscreen, giving the user confidence that their samples are being incubated for the appropriate atmosphere.

M series workstations create accurate and reproducible conditions within safe operating parameters. They provide the most flexibility of any models in the Don Whitley Scientific range as they allow Anoxic/Anaerobic, Microaerobic or Hypoxic atmospheres to be created if desired.


Microbiological Applications:
• Anaerobic atmosphere: An oxygen free atmosphere.
• Microaerobic atmosphere: An atmosphere suitable for growing organisms that require oxygen levels lower than those found in air. Hydrogen can be included in the atmosphere if required.

Cell/Tissue Culture Applications:
• Hypoxic atmosphere: An atmosphere suitable for growing cells under physiologically relevant conditions, containing oxygen levels of between 0.1% and 20%, along with carbon dioxide at the required concentration (up to 15%).

Microaerobic operation using an M series workstation
For standard operation of Whitley Microaerobic Workstations, four separate gas cylinders of carbon dioxide, oxygen free nitrogen, compressed air and a 10% hydrogen/90% nitrogen mix, need to be connected to the workstation. This allows the user to select a safe workstation atmosphere from the following available ranges:

Oxygen 0 – 20%
Carbon Dioxide 0 – 15%
Hydrogen 0 – 5%
Nitrogen Balance

Hypoxic operation using an M series workstation
For hypoxic operation only carbon dioxide, oxygen free nitrogen and compressed air should be connected to the workstation. As hydrogen is not required no gas needs to be connected to the 10% hydrogen/90% nitrogen gas input. This will allow the user to choose from the following:

Oxygen 0 – 20%
Carbon Dioxide 0 – 15%
Nitrogen Balance


Anoxic/anaerobic operation using an M series workstation
The M Series can be operated anaerobically (Anoxic conditions) by introducing a catalyst. Any oxygen then present in the workstation atmosphere combines with hydrogen to create water. The catalyst facilitates this reaction and any excess water condenses on a chilled plate and is automatically removed from the workstation.

M35 Microaerobic Workstation used in Campylobacter jejuni research 

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The Whitley A135 HEPA Anaerobic Workstation

Don Whitley Scientific is proud to present the new Whitley A135 HEPA Anaerobic Workstation: the tallest, deepest, widest anaerobic workstation in our extensive range. It is specifically designed to maintain strict anaerobic conditions within a controlled environment.
The Whitley A135 HEPA has an enormous capacity of almost 600 litres, perfect for working and incubation. It will accommodate a variety of items of equipment such as microscopes, plate readers and colony pickers. (Be sure to discuss your requirements with us at the earliest opportunity).

With a volume twice that of a Whitley A35 Anaerobic Workstation, the A135 also comes fitted with a large removable front – ideal for the transfer of equipment in and out of the workstation. Other great DWS features include:

•           Anaerobic conditions monitoring system
•           Internal HEPA filtration system with enhanced biological containment
•           Rapid 12 litre airlock for sample transfer
•           7” full colour touch screen, Ethernet-enabled for remote access.

135 features

Internal dimensions (w x d x h): 1100mm x 750mm x 710mm
External dimensions (w x d x h): 1452mm x 1056mm x 993mm

Without compromising quality or precision, this innovative product allows you to take your research to new heights whilst maintaining confidence in your results.


For more information – email us at or call us on +44 (0) 1274 595728