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Archive for January, 2016

Don Whitley Scientific visit Arab Health 2016

Don Whitley Scientific recently exhibited at a major conference in Dubai. Arab Health is one of the biggest exhibitions for the healthcare industry in the middle east. Located in the MedLab section of the exhibition, Don Whitley Scientific were displaying the Whitley Jar Gassing System and A35 Anaerobic Workstation. Both of these products are examples of the innovation Don Whitley Scientific has provided to the field of microbiology. Don Whitley Scientific representatives Steve Robertson and Joe Walton were on hand to explain and demonstrate these products to the exhibition delegates.

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance officially inaugurated the 41st Arab Health Exihibition. The event runs for four days and attracts some of the biggest names from the healthcare industry as they bid to attract potential customers and distributors. A full programme of conferences featuring fantastic speakers was also arranged for the four day event. It also continues to be a popular spot for UK companies, with over 200 UK companies exhibiting within the UK pavilion.

The A35 Whitley Workstation, on the Don Whitley Scientific stand at Medlab, is the industry leading workstation, designed to create an anaerobic environment in which to culture, incubate and monitor samples. The workstation features the unique Instant Access Porthole system, which makes regular entering and exiting of the workstation far more convenient than traditional sleeved access.


joe at arabhealth2016 2


Hypoxic Microenvironments – Cell Press Nucleus

Don Whitley Scientific and HypOxygen, our US distributor, partnered with Cell Press to sponsor a research-based nucleus focusing on cells in low oxygen. The Cell Press webinar on “Hypoxic Microenvironments” was a great opportunity to hear Randall Johnson of the Karolinska Institute speak about the hypoxia response in the context of metastasis, and Hannele Ruohola-Baker of the University of Washington talk about the role of hypoxia factors in the reprogramming of somatic cells.

We believe our commitment to providing the most reliable, precise and robust equipment for physiological cell culture helps our users to carry out their research, and we are happy to be a small part of that. Whitley Hypoxystations create an in vivo environment for cell culture and manipulation, for the duration of the incubation including functional studies at low oxygen.

If you want to check back into the webinar, the on-demand version is available here. The Cell Press nucleus comprising selected papers on cancer, inflammation, stem cells and neural development, offers valuable insights into hypoxia as it relates to function and disease, too.


Visit HypOxygen at the AACR Meeting in San Diego

One of our US distributors, HypOxygen, are soon to be exhibiting at the American Association for Cancer Research event “Function of Tumor Microenvironment in Cancer Progression” in San Diego, California between the 7th and 10th of January. At the meeting HypOxygen will be on hand to discuss how working within the hypoxic microenvironment provided by a Whitley Hypoxystation is greatly beneficial to this area of work. The statement from HypOxygen below expresses this.

The hypoxic microenvironment is a characteristic feature of many solid tumors, and the very low level of oxygenation there dramatically influences the Hallmarks of Cancer from reprogramming energy metabolism through sustained angiogenesis to evasion of the immune response. And as our Hypoxystation users are showing, research into signaling pathways, cancer progression, and therapy resistance consistently benefits from the use of a closed hypoxia workstation for physiological cell culture. The Hypoxystation creates conditions that mimic the cellular microenvironment with regard to oxygen tension, temperature, and humidity.

To see what our users are doing in “Hypoxia Applications in Cancer Research” click here. Also, Violaine See of the University of Liverpool describes her work using the Hypoxystation in “Cellular memory of hypoxia elicits neuroblastoma metastasis and enables invasion by non-aggressive neighbouring cells”, published in Oncogenesis 4 (2015), which you can find on the DWS website here. Ayse Latif, University of Manchester, has carried out metabolism studies of gynecological cancer cells with the Seahorse XFe Analyzer; have a look here.

HypOxygen hope to see you at the AACR “Function of Tumor Microenvironment in Cancer Progression” meeting in San Diego between 7-10 January. HypOxygen will be showing the Hypoxystation for low oxygen cell culture and would love to tell you more about its benefits.

If you cant make it to the conference, visit HypOxygen online at (for US customers) or for UK customers.

Hypoxygen at AACR Hard Rock San Diego

Tuttnauer Laboratory Autoclaves

Don Whitley Scientific is pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement to distribute the high quality range of laboratory autoclaves manufactured by Tuttnauer.

Tuttnauer Laboratory autoclaves are designed to a high quality standard, providing repeatable performance for a range of applications in the modern laboratory.  To make sure successful sterilisation is achieved, the autoclaves feature a range of options which can be added and configured to the user’s specification.

Tuttnauer have 90 years experience in sterilisation and infection control. They have a history of working with leading research institutes and universities on large scale projects with the aim of developing the most advanced technologies possible. These collaborations enable Tuttnauer to stay ahead of the field and deliver the most cutting-edge technologies and methods. Tuttnauer also pride themselves on long standing international relationships with customers and distributors, which span many decades and distances. Tuttnauer have built a reputation on the level of commitment and trust provided.

“Our position as markets shapers is based on years of experience and technology leadership, but our true pride comes from the strong bond of trust we create with our customers, building a mutually successful future.” – Ran Tuttnauer CEO 



As mentioned, Tuttnauer equip their autoclave range with state of the art technology. R.PC.R (Remote PC Reporting) is detailed data logging software that will record various parameters such as graphs of the cycle data, copy of cycle print-outs, tables of all measured values and the option to save all reports in PDF file format. These can be accessed via a network connection or by saving the data to a USB drive. The sophisticated user interface uses multi-colour technology to present the user with important information, indicating the current stage of the cycle.

Tuttnaur autoclaves are available with optional features to provide optimal efficiency, including a built-in steam generator, a vacuum pump and a coiled pipe around the chamber. These options enable the most efficient heat-up and complete drying in the autoclaving process. For benchtop autoclaves, Tuttnauer can provide vacuum pumps which can be used before the cycle, to remove air pockets from different load types, and also after the cycle to speed up the drying process.

Don Whitley Scientific can draw similarities from the Tuttnauer company values, as they also pride themselves on long lasting relationships with distributors and strive to develop equipment that is also one step ahead of the competition. All Tuttnauer autoclaves purchased from Don Whitley Scientific can be covered by the comprehensive service and maintenance support that DWS already provides for their other equipment, ensuring a reliable experience for customers.