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Archive for August, 2015

New Cancer Mutation Tracking Blood Test

Researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research, London found traces of breast cancer eight months before doctors would normally have noticed. A new study suggests that a blood test may be able to save lives by finding cancers that have started to grow again after treatment. See the full story at 


Don Whitley Scientific at MEDICA 2015

Held in Düsseldorf, MEDICA is “the world‘s largest medical marketplace”. Come along and see the latest innovations in anaerobic workstation technology from Don Whitley Scientific.

Don Whitley Scientific will be exhibiting on stand D10 in Hall 1 (on the British Pavilion organised by GAMBICA). The event runs from the 16th to the 19th November at the Düsseldorf Fairgrounds.

To find out more about the event, including tickets, location and contacts click here.


Imperial College Researchers Identify New Gene

A gene has been identified that sheds new light on a potentially fatal heart and lung condition and could lead to a new treatment.

To read more about this discovery, click here


Free ticket to IBMS exhibition

Want free entry to the IBMS exhibition in September?

Just email for your e-ticket, which allows you to pre-register for this bi-annual show.

Don Whitley Scientific will be exhibiting on Stand No 220 in Hall 3. We will be showing the most up-to-date solution for fully automated liquid sample handling – WASPLab, a barcode-driven, conveyor-connected system with remote plate image analysis and automatic incubation.

We will also have a Whitley Workstation on the stand – one that features the patented Instant Access Ports that are revolutionising the world of anaerobic microbiology; and the Anaerobic Conditions Monitor, an innovative device that provides early indication of varying conditions inside the chamber. If you do decide to come and take a look at this excellent equipment a member of our team will explain and demonstrate the key benefits of our products, and you will also be able to pick up a free Don Whitley Scientific gift.

Please note that although entry to the exhibition is free of charge, there is a cost for attending Congress lecture sessions. Your e-ticket will also provide the links to enable you to register for Congress.

If you would like to book a personal demonstration on stand at this year’s IBMS, please contact our sales office ( or telephone 01274 595728) to reserve a time slot.



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Working with Whitley Workstations

Don Whitley Scientific has always strived to be the most innovative manufacturer of scientific equipment. Our leading range of workstations provides some of the most sophisticated options to the microbiology and cell culture industries.

One of the more specific markets Don Whitley Scientific provides for is those wanting to carry out experiments under hypoxic conditions. Researchers may only have the use of an incubator to keep specimens in hypoxic conditions, however this can cause problems when the conditions of the incubator become interrupted, usually when the incubator door is opened to add or remove samples and equipment.

When incubators just won’t do

In a testimonial for Don Whitley Scientific, Brad Wouters from Toronto, Canada shared this issue: “An incubator just isn’t suitable for that because whenever the door is opened, the oxygen concentration changes dramatically and the cells will go through waves of deoxygenation and oxygenation.” An issue like this could then lead to inaccurate results and potentially jeopardise experiments. This is why the Whitley Hypoxystation is ideal for these situations.

Working in a Whitley Workstation

Professor Mann states in his testimonial, “The design of this workstation has also allowed us to use other essential equipment inside the chamber, such as oxygen meters and micromanipulators”. As opposed to an incubator where samples are placed and perhaps left for days without interaction, Whitley Workstations are designed specifically for scientists wanting to carry out tasks inside the workstation.  Optional features on Whitley Workstations allow them to be tailored perfectly to those who want to conduct experiments in their workstation using additional specialised equipment, for example, the removable front option.

Australian testimonial

Maintaining an outstanding international reputation, Don Whitley Scientific exports its range of products to all corners of the globe. In Australia, at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, the aim is “to reduce the incidence, severity and impact of heart diseases” and for Dr Dunn and her team, precise control of oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity is vital. She mentions in her testimonial that with a H35 Hypoxystation she achieves “very accurate and reproducible results”. As well as providing fantastic equipment, Don Whitley Scientific ensures that the advice and service we provide to customers is of a high level, which is also noticed by Dr Dunn, who states, “Don Whitley Scientific made great efforts to ensure our purchase, installation and ongoing use of the machine has been hassle free.”


Dr Dunn stood next to her H35 Hypoxystation

Dr Dunn with her H35 Hypoxystation


Testimonials wanted

If you are working with any equipment from Don Whitley Scientific and would like to let us know about your work and your overall experience with our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form, Facebook or Twitter. We now feature a variety of customer testimonials on our product pages and these can be accessed through the “testimonials” tab (if we have a testimonial for that product).

Click here for Brad Wouters’ testimonial in full

Click here for Professor Mann’s testimonial in full

Click here for Dr Dunn’s testimonial in full

New Japanese Distributors for Don Whitley Scientific

Don Whitley Scientific have announced that terms have been agreed with new Japanese distributors, Kohjin Bio Co Ltd.

Kohjin are best known in Japan for their tissue culture media, media for microbiology testing, in vitro diagnostic agents, and sale of medical equipment.Interestingly, the name Kohjin in Japanese translates as “an organization group of the person who thinks” (or ‘an organisation of thinking people’).


Kunio Suzuki, member of the Kohjin Bio Co Ltd board and Yuichi Nakamura, President/CEO of its subsidiary EnBio Ltd (pictured with Sally Shelton and Steve Robertson) enjoyed an informative visit to Don Whitley Scientific last month. As well as discussing business and learning about the Whitley range of products, we ensured our new Japanese distributors had the opportunity to sample the culinary delights of Yorkshire.